Mindfulness and Art Workshops

Spend a relaxing Sunday learning mindfulness and taking your relaxed mind into mindful art activities. Often we will be exploring process art covering a wide variety of materials including drawing, pattern, painting, print, paper crafts, clay and more.

The course which runs for a year introduces mindfulness in a way that that is engaging, relevant, and enjoyable, making use of music, activities, experiments, videos and group discussion to convey key concepts as well as teaching mindfulness practices such as mindfulness of breathing and the cultivation of kind awareness. This will run alongside mindful art activities. The core objectives of the course are to enhance your general mental, emotional and social wellbeing.

Sunday Mindfulness & Art 7 +
(please note when we have enough uptake we plan to split the groups in to 7+ and 11+, at the moment they will run together)

Mindfulness & Art Adult Class – Coming soon!