School Holiday Workshops

As well as running our own workshops Funky Art House can also provide a variety of  holiday workshops for a range of ages and locations. Please contact us on 07954363467 or email to discuss your individual needs.

Below is a list of example workshops we can offer:-

Paper crafts – Discover the fun craft of marbling paper- creating one of a kind patterns by floating inks on water. Next move on to create your own decoupage decorated keep sake box- great for your jewelry, toys or treasures.

Clay Creations – Clay bugs and butterflies and key hook.
Explore the variety of fabulous effects you can achieve with clay. Make and decorate a unique door plaque for your room & move on to experiment with pinch pots, coil pots and more!

Textiles – Learn some simple sewing techniques to make your own felt cushions, magnets and badges. Choose from a variety of themes- monsters, animals flowers and more.

Mosaic mirrors
Learn to make coasters from recycled china, glass and found objects and then move on to design and produce your own unique mosaic mirror or photo frame. Looks great in your bedroom – A one off piece of original art!

Seasonal Crafts – Garden mobiles/Halloween costumes/ Easter baskets etc.


Case study
Ralph Allen & Norton Hill Secondary Schools – Banes. August 2010

Summer School. Funky Art House with ‘Your Time’ funding ran Summer School workshops for 9+ in two different schools. Workshops included creative clay, weaving and sewing, willow sculpture, Eco bags and kaleidoscopes. Funky Art House worked with up to 400 pupils over the ten days with workshops lasting for 6 hours per day. The workshops gave the opportunity to develop different skills such as team work, construction skills, problem solving and negotiation. The children produced some amazing art work which enabled them to learn completely new skills and have lots of fun along the way.

‘I have used Funky Art House for a number of projects. These projects have always been very successful. Jo and Amy have a wide range of art and craft activities that are suitable for all ages.
They are able to support ongoing projects in school or provide whole day activities during the holidays. They form excellent relationships with all children and are able to maintain a sense of fun at all times.
Their Funky Art House activities during the YourTime! Summer Holiday activity weeks were a sell out, and the feedback from children and parents was always very, very positive.’

Keith Clover. Extended Services Co-ordinator Banes.